Salem in memory. April 28, 1994 - August 7, 2017.


Jemima salem in herinnering klein

You were the first one I met on the wheel chair. That time, I was fresh graduate and young energetic girl who like to run and move all the day. Indeed, I felt that you are weak and sad. I thought you are stuck in your wheelchair. I was feeling sorry about you. But my previous manager told me that you are not weak and I was so confused about this.

Then I started to engage with you more. We spent great times together. We sang, chatted and played your favorite game “the memory game”. We went sometimes to the hospital together. So I realized that you are so happy and strong - even stronger than me. You accepted your life and handled with all your medical struggle on daily basis.

You were brave, smart and the most helpful person I ever met. You had that nice big smile, it was motivating, encouraging and teaching how to love. You are badly missed! I love you. You will be always in my heart.

Lana Zoughbei

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