Jemima's approach

Jemima offer three forms of care

  • Residential care in various living communities.
  • Day time programs for residents and children who live with their families.
  • At home support for children with profound multiple disabilities and their families

Everybody is gifted by God, regardless of any disabilities. In spite of disability, it is always possible to focus on someone’s possibilities and make the most of them. All forms of care at Jemima are aimed at maximum flourishing and the development of everybody’s gifts. Within a safe community, in which everybody is accepted for who she or he is, we work with concrete plans and goals to encourage growth and development.

Multidisciplinary approach
In all of our programs, local employees and foreign volunteers work together. Our physical therapist and occupational therapist collaborate with them so that exercise may be integrated in daily life. Those who work in our day time program are trained by a speech therapist to advance speech and language capacities. Speech therapy groups are offered in both the residential and day time programs.

Children, but adults too, learn much faster and better when they are having fun. So, enjoying time together is vital to achieving goals. In the day time programs, thematic programs help to make learning enjoyable. The children can work on their cognitive, social and practical capabilities in a playful manner. Leisure time activities in the residential care program provide the same opportunity.

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