In the Palestinian territories on the West bank, it is not easy to raise a child with disabilities. Some families do not accept their child with a disability. They are kept apart from society and are only given food.

Fortunately, there are also parents who love their disabled child. However, they do not always have the capacities to cope with the child’s behavior and his or her needs. Those parents come looking for organizations like Jemima. Mostly, these organizations are founded or supported by Western countries. For the Palestinian authorities, caring for the disabled is not a high priority. Employees regularly take residents out for a walk through the village. Despite the fact that Jemima has been around since 1982, villagers are still not comfortable with the sight. We want to show that disabled children are just as valuable as other children. Thus we show to everybody that these children may flourish and grow when they are lovingly cared for and supported.

‘House Jemima’ has contacts with another nearby organization. They also have good contacts with hospitals and a rehabilitation center. Some other organization cooperate with Jemima offering job opportunities or education to residents.

Jemima advocates for the authorities to take up their responsibilities in caring for, supporting and education children with disabilities.

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