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I loved my job despite the daily responsibilities I had to take, and with all the difficulties I faced daily I never complained. In very difficult situations I had to make incredibly difficult decisions, whether it was for the beneficiaries in the organisation, or for any employee. These decisions were often appropriate, but sometimes they were not. Some decisions were taken with my mind and some with my heart. Some of them affected me on the personal level, either negatively or positively, but that was not important because my priorities were the interests of the institution and its residents. Every decision included consequences I learned from and that increased my knowledge because my mind and heart were always longing to learn new things, from successes and mistakes.

There were also extreme difficulties that I can hardly reveal, but I overcame them despite major setbacks that I went through. Although these struggles occurred under most difficult circumstances, they cannot be compared to those we are going through now. 

Having to work from home and fulfilling my duties there via daily communications for the institution is very stressful because I like to be in the field. I like to see the residents grow up every day, interact and laugh. I like to see employees coming to work on schedule every day, and work and discuss things together. We discuss, fail and succeed together. My inability to kiss the children every day wears me out, and my inability to support staff whenever needed exhausts me. Not being able to get up early every day to go to work and work until my legs are tired weakens me.

These severe circumstances, that I have not thought about ever before, nor thought I had to face, are completely new for all of us. It seemed almost impossible at the beginning.

Therefore I started with phone calls and setting up plans for everyone. Fortunately there were people with more capabilities to withstand work pressure than I had expected, and that there were people who supported me more than I had imagined. There were brave knights in the field to support the residents and the institution. These heroes are available and ready to provide the greatest service in their life.

At this moment and in the coming days, I hope for the first time that my decisions are more correct than ever, and that my decisions do not affect the interest of any beneficiary or any employee. I would like to thank you one-by-one: Mirna, Youssef, Bin, Ghada, Randa, Nicole, Mary, Nada, Therese, Haya, Vera, Tia, Hans, Rochelle, Sally, Rania, Geeta and David. I appreciate with all my heart all that you did for the foundation and the beneficiaries because you left your homes and families and decided to be present in the field.

Pray for Jemima

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