Fortunately, the situation in Beit Jala/Bethlehem is still relatively safe. The operational work and care provision still can be continued. This concerns the 24/7 care in the Helena building and the day care in the Eber building. Under the inspiring leadership of Lana, new initiatives are being developed: refurbishment of Eber, new epoxy products, new olive wood products, theme days, animal therapy workshops, guest lectures at university and schools.

There are certainly also concerns about the future among employees. The economic situation for most residents of the West Bank has of course gone backwards greatly due to the war. And of course the volunteers from the Netherlands are also missed, who would otherwise be present to help.

The HBI (Home Based Intervention) work in Bethlehem and Hindaza also continues as normal. This concerns meetings with parents and home visits to support parents in raising their disabled children. Unfortunately, we have lost the HBI location Jorat al Shamha. This place was already difficult to reach for our employees due to the road blocks, but the space we had there was no longer available to us. Together with the board, Lana is working on a plan to continue and expand the HBI work in (at least) two locations.

The health of the residents is generally doing quite well. A health test is done for all residents every 6 months. Of course there are also concerns: Maram did not feel well for a long time, she was also very stressed. Thanks to doctor's care and separate care, she did somewhat better afterwards. The same applied to Rana, fortunately she recovered quite quickly thanks to medication. And Ikram and Sameh have undergone extensive dental care treatment, an operation under general anesthesia.
Shadi's first operation (of two), to improve his bone structure, finally took place on Monday April 29. This operation went well and fortunately Shadi is also doing well now.

There are also concerns about the health of some employees. Two employees have been diagnosed with breast cancer. We hope and pray that the treatment will have a good result. And two other employees had to undergo minor surgery for other complaints. These operations went well.

Finally, we let speak Lana Zoughbei, general manager of Jemima:
“The current situation in Bethlehem and Beit Jala is now safe. We sometimes feel down, but generally we forget this as we enter Jemima and focus on our mission to help the children and their families. Traveling in the area is quite possible. The night of the Iran-Israel war was difficult for everyone, especially the children. The noise was enormous and we felt very scared and unsafe.
Praying together makes us stronger, we pray for peace in our hearts and in the country. We believe in the power of God and we are sure that he has always blessed Jemima, the staff, volunteers and residents in Jemima. We ask you also to pray for us."

Board of Jemima foundation

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