In general, the situation in Beit Jala/Bethlehem is still relatively safe, life is working quite normal. This may be different in the evening and at night, but then residents, visitors and staff are safely at home. Fortunately, the operational work and care provision can be continued.

  • The daycare in the Eber building is working quite normal, except Fridays;
  • HBI (Home Based Intervention) Bethlehem is working normally, but not when there are problems on the road or strikes;
  • HBI Jouret Shamha is closed because the roads are very difficult and unsafe;
  • HBI Hindaza (Ebiat) is working normally, except of strikes.

There are occasional roadblocks. This can be difficult for employees to reach Jemima House or the HBI location. And some of the children cannot be taken to daycare then. There are certainly concerns about the future among employees. The economic situation for most West Bank residents has gone backwards greatly due to the war. And of course the volunteers from the Netherlands are also missed, who would otherwise be present to help. The employees are sad because Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, is now a place of sadness. But it still holds true that the coming of Jesus to this earth is our only hope. Every morning they pray together for help from God. This gives them strength and they support each other. The atmosphere among the employees is good and they are motivated to provide the best care. All children and adult residents are healthy and in good care. We are very grateful for this. We ask for your prayers for the safety of the residents and employees in Beit Jala. And would you also pray with us for peace?

Board of Jemima foundation

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