In general, the situation on the West Bank is safe, life is working quite normal, somedays we have strike and Fridays is not safe for transportation.

  • Operation and care are working normally;
  • Eber is working normal except Fridays;
  • HBI Bethlehem is working normally, but not when there are problems in the road or strikes;
  • HBI Jouret Shamha is closed because the roads are very difficult and unsafe;
  • HBI Hindaza (Ebiat) is working normally, except of strikes.

General manager Lana Zoughbei has taken precautions and contingency plans, but sometimes improvisation has to be done on the spot. Lana has prepared a special course with a psychologist for all employees in Jemima to help them express their feelings, how to deal with the residents during this time and how to deal with these types of situations. The atmosphere among the employees is good and they are motivated to provide the best care. All children and adult residents are healthy and in good care.

Board of Jemima foundation

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