Situation Jemima in Beit Jala (1)


As is known, due to a huge outbreak of violence, the situation in Israel and the Palestinian territories changed drastically.
At the moment it is relatively quiet and safe at Jemima in Beit Jala. Although it is of course an exciting and uncertain situation, we hope it remains that way.
Care can still be provided to residents. Unfortunately, the daycare is closed and HBI work has also largely come to a standstill. This is a serious and painful experience for the children involved. Necessary precautions have been taken by local management. All volunteers who temporarily stayed in Jemima arrived safely in the Netherlands on Friday, October 13.
We ask for your prayers for the safety of the residents and employees in Beit Jala. And would you also pray with us for peace?

Board of the Jemima foundation

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